Ora Senior Digital

Location: Portugal Ora Senior Digital is a project directed at the senior population that aims to promote the knowledge pertaining to new information and communication technologies – thus enabling and promoting communication between generations through training and parallel activities (ie. Netpapers, Digital Poetry contents, etc). Empowerment is also an important dimension of this project since … Read more

Teddy Bear Project

Location: Sweden The case study started as a project and was originally called “More men into the schools”, a support programme for children attending compulsory school. It was initiated as a pilot project in the autumn of 1996 as a result of the interest shown by a male senior citizen in assisting a handicrafts teacher … Read more

Ulmer 3-Generation-University (u3gu)

Location: Germany The Ulm 3-Generation University (u3gu) provides opportunities for children to meet with seniors and scientists of Ulm University and they get a taste of ‘natural phenomena’. Together they go on a discovery tour through the University and learn new and interesting things about natural science and technology. They take part in lectures, make … Read more