Youth 2 Seniors Bear H.U.G.s

This Intergenerational Program from the US has youth and seniors work together to make stuffed animals that are then distributed to other children in need in the community. Participants have made and distributed over 600 stuffed animals to children in foster care and emergency shelters. They appreciate working together in this program that is all … Read more

EFIL new project on Intercultural Learning about to start!

In our increasingly multicultural society Intercultural Learning becomes more important every day. We need to provide students with relevant competences in order to be active in school and society. Building on these needs the Erasmus+ project ‘Intercultural Learning for pupils and teachers’ offers school leaders and teachers of upper secondary schools trainings and tools to … Read more

The 2016 Edition – Compendium: Generations, Intergenerational Relations and Generational Policy

The members of the International Network for the Analysis of Intergenerational Relations (Generationes) proudly present the most recent issue of the jointly produced compendium “Generations, Intergenerational Relations and Generational Policy”. This new version includes 12 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish (new), Hungarian (new), Turkish (new), Romanian (new), and Lithuanian (new). The … Read more

The 4th International Conference ESPAnet-Poland

Wroclaw, 25-27 September 2017 Intergenerational Stream description: The session will continue discussion undertaken during the 3rd International Conference ESPAnet-Poland. This session will focus on both positive and negative side of social innovation and technological innovation that are increasingly recognized as important concepts associated with the formulation of responses to the challenges of ageing populations. The … Read more