New book published “Intergenerational Pathways to a Sustainable Society”

This volume explores intergenerational practices and their impact on social sustainability, with an emphasis on developing programmatic efforts to address profound social challenges such as underperforming educational and work-related systems, failing support systems for dependent or vulnerable populations, and community renewal and regeneration efforts. To this end, the core argument is to present issues related … Read more

The TOY-PLUS project has officially started

TOY-PLUS is the natural follow-up to all the research and practice carried out during the past four years by the TOY partners. We identified the lack of training opportunities and adequate knowledge about intergenerational learning principles and practice as a major gap to ensure the implementation of meaningful and quality intergenerational experiences between young children … Read more

Successful 2 day meeting to launch the TOY-PLUS Project in Leiden

The TOY-PLUS project was launched in Leiden (NL)- Nov 14th and 15th, 2016. Representatives from all the partner organisations (universities, research institutes, NGOs and local authorities) came together to the Kick-off Meeting where we had a vibrant discussion about the implementation of the activities. A very good start to the project! TOY-PLUS is funded by the European Commission Programme Erasmus +, … Read more

TOY Position Paper is now also available on the TOY website

We are living in a time when European cities are more culturally diverse than ever before. Many people, particularly those who are most vulnerable, are struggling to achieve a sense of belonging and find a good life for themselves. TOY demonstrates that social engagement between generations is a key factor for the well-being of all. Intergenerational learning can … Read more