The European Certificate of Intergenerational Learning – Course Outline

Upon completion of the online ECIL course, learners will be equipped with a number of tools and techniques for facilitating intergenerational relationships, including how to tackle issues such as stereotypes and the different needs that can exist between the generations. The fundamental principles of planning, implementing and evaluating intergenerational practice and learning will also be … Read more

Learning with Seniors: An Intergenerational Relations Programme (New publication now available in English, Catalan, and Spanish)

Historically, The Barcelona City Council has historically provided for senior citizens centres. The centres known as Casals de jubilats (“Retirement Centres”) in the past, are the “Casals i espais munici- pals de gent gran” (Municipal Seniors’ Clubs and Centres or “MSCC”) of today. Through the years, those centres have gradually evolved, in terms of both … Read more

Intergenerational Community Development: A practice guide

This report is one of a series of guides produced by the Beth Johnson Foundation for practitioners and others either involved or interested in intergenerational work. This guide is intended to help practitioners to develop an intergenerational approach to community development and to understand some of the key issues that need to be considered in … Read more