Ageing and Intergenerational Relations: Family reciprocity from a global perspective

This exciting book explores the exchange of support between the generations and examines variations in contemporary practices and rationales in different regions and societies around the world. It draws on theoretical perspectives and empirical analyses to discuss both newly emerging patterns of family reciprocity and more established ones which are affected by changing opportunities and … Read more

How to Develop an Intergenerational Project?

This practical guide, produced by the non-profit organisation Atoutage, helps you design, improve and evaluate your Intergenerational project. This book provides very straight forward answers to typical questions faced by whoever plans and implements an intergenerational project: How should I start planning one of these projects? How could I successfully put different generational groups in … Read more

Why Intergenerational Learning is not an Academic Discipline Yet?

Following two communications that took place at ESREA Conference (Linkoping, Sweden, September 2010) and in the European Parliament (Brussels), in November 2010, the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships published an opinion paper that puts forward the challenging idea, that the intergenerational learning should be promoted to academic discipline. The author, Teresa Almeida Pinto, advocates that “The … Read more