The European project “InterGenerationes” aims at implementing intergenerational learning in the working field of international youth work. The project consists of three milestones. First an international conference in February 2011 brought together stakeholders from different professional sectors, as international youth work, senior citizens work and adult education to discuss the issue of intergenerational learning in international exchange meetings.

After the conference an European-wide PR-campaign was launched in order to draw the attention of a wide public towards the issue. The third and last action of the project which will be highlighted in this case-study was the realisation of an international meeting for people of all ages in May 2011. During this event, 24 people from Germany, Poland and France, aged between 21 and 78, had the chance to experience dialogue between generations and cultures in Kreisau / Krzyżowa (Poland). They were discussing great history, personal histories and national historic narratives. During the whole project, we developed new creative methods for intergenerational learning applied in an international setting.

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Location: Germany