Report on the pilot project Intergenerationes – Dialogue between the generations

Location: Poland

The project “InterGenerationes” with partner organisations from Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Slovenia and the Netherlands creates space for dialogue between the young and old and thereby spurs on important discussions across Europe. Building on the basic democratic values of the Kreisau Circle, the Kreisau-Initiative set as its goal for this project to establish the international youth meeting place of Krzyżowa (Kreisau) in western Poland as a site of international dialogue between the young and old, and thereby make a contribution to solving these coming societal challenges. A network of seniors’ organizations, international youth educators and representatives of voluntary organizations, as well as those who have already been active in the field of intergenerational learning for a long time are implementing this innovative project with an impressive level of engagement.

The project “InterGenerationes” has the goal of integrating intergenerational learning into international youth exchange. The conference, PR campaign and multi-generational encounter brought together various perspectives from across Europe, offered possible concepts and content for discussion and took a first step in the direction of a pan-European dialogue between the generations. You can see for yourself while reading this publication that it is worthwhile to continue to work to supplement international youth exchange with encounters between people of
all generations – the participants’ statements bear eloquent witness to this. The background texts presented here place the project in a broader context, and the methodological discussions provide inspiration for international intergenerational dialogue.

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