TOY PLUS Online Course registration is now available!

Are you interested in bringing older adults and young children together to share knowledge, skills, values and have fun? If yes, then the TOY online course “Together Old and Young: An Intergenerational Approach”is what you are looking for!

The aim – Through this online course you will learn about intergenerational practice with young children (0 – 8 years old) and older adults (65+) and you will discover practical ways to create opportunities for good quality and sustainable intergenerational learning activities.

Who is this course for? This online course is designed for anyone who wishes to participate in continuing professional development in intergenerational learning. There is no requirement for prior knowledge or experience in this area of practice. The course is relevant for early childhood education and care practitioners, primary school teachers (working with 4 to 8 year-olds), social care practitioners and volunteers working with older adults and community development workers.

Structure of the course – The online course is free and is offered in English. It consists of 4 weekly Modules with videos, articles, self-assessment activities, discussion forums, quizzes and games. Each Module requires approx 6 hours study. On successful completion of the course you can request your Certificate of Achievement.

How can you participate? The TOY Course will start on 15 October 2018. Register by clicking here.

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