Working with Older Volunteers in Manual Intergenerational Projects

Location: International

TRAMP: Transnational Mobility of Older People in Europe have produced a final report and set of Methods “Working with Older Volunteers in Manual Intergenerational Projects”.

TRAMP makes an active effort to increase the degree of mobility within the European Union and enables older Europeans to play an active role in social and economic life. The Regional Representation of the European Commission in Bonn welcomes and supports the aim of TRAMP to facilitate access to Europe for older people with limited foreign language skills and to increase transnational mobility within the European Union. TRAMP supports older Europeans to pass on their manual work experiences, which requires few foreign language capacities. Particularly with regard to transnational and intergenerational communication and teamwork, TRAMP makes it possible for older Europeans to learn from youngsters and for youngsters to learn from the more experienced. It is a great opportunity for both sides not only to remove generational, cultural, and national barriers, but also to be aware of how substantially the European Union has changed over the last decades.

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